First Aid and Medical Kits

First Aid and Medical Kits

First Aid Kit

Highlighting everything you need to help manage minor injuries such as cuts, stings, burns, including chemical and heat.

1 x Guidance leaflet
3 x Single medium dressing
3 x Triangular bandage non-woven
2 x Microporous tape 1.25x5m Roll
2 x Powder-free vinyl gloves
5 x Sterile eyewash pods 20ml
1 x Washproof plaster – Pack 20
1 x Sick bag and gloves
3 x Eye dressing
1 x Steri strips 6 x 75mm – 3 strips
3 x Conforming bandages 7.5x400cm
5 x Large crepe bandage 7.5x450cm
1 x Gauze swabs – 75x75mm – Pack 5
1 x Burnfree 20x20cm burns dressing
2 x Burnfree pain relieving gel 3.5g sachets

2 x Foil blanket
2 x Large sterile dressings
3 x Instant cold pack 13.5x30cm
1 x Life aid resuscitator
12 x Safety pins
2 x Medium crepe bandages 5x450cm
1 x Alcohol-free cleansing wipe – Pack 10
1 x Standard reusable hot & cold pack
2 x White open weave bandages 2.5x500cm
1 x Medium elastic adhesive bandages 5x450cm
2 x Low adherent dressing patch 5x5cm
1 x Kit scissors
1 x Koolpak cold spray 150ml
1 x Burns dressing 10x10cm

Medical Kit

This is your at-home doctor’s bag. This contains basic assessment equipment that most doctors use when assessing a patient with fever or upper respiratory infection including:

Otoscope – For shining a light at the back of the throat, and looking in the ears for signs of a red ear drum
Pulse Oximeter – This includes pulse and oxygen measurement
Thermometer – Digital thermometer for accurate recording of body temperature
Urine Dip Sticks – This can assess whether you or your family member has a urine infection or high ketones (which may signal high sugar levels)
Blood pressure Monitor – To record blood pressure and record heart rate

Products supplied may not be identical to their picture but will have equal functional capacity.

Complete Rescue Kit

Includes both the First Aid Kit and Medical Kit as well as Nebuliser and nebules.

This will require an online consultation with one of our Doctors – A one off extra charge of £50 applys, which includes a private prescription where necessary and is subject to medical history and assessment.