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The art of staying young and looking young! We use the latest medical technology and treatment approaches, delivered by doctors in a clinical, yet relaxed setting. Staying refreshed and young looking or reversing the signs of aging is a combination of science, art and investment.

Dr Sloan looks holistically at skin, muscles, bone structure and your overall health. Part of her assessment also includes a full insight to your medical history through to the types of sun cream, moisturisers and skin care products you use as well as any prescription medications that you take. Everything influences how young, fresh and well you look!

ZO Skin Health Products Available with Free Online Consultation

Doctor Led Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Emma Sloan is a fully licensed and insured General Practitioner. Her knowledge, skills and bedside manner will make even the most apprehensive feel confident and safe in her hands.

Expert Injector

Dr Emma Sloan has 7 years experience offering a full range of non-surgical and rejuvenation treatments and has spent the last 20 years studying, training and practising medicine.

Harley Street Trainer

When not in the clinic, Dr Emma Sloan works as a trainer for leading aesthetic training provider, Derma Medical. She is flown oversees to train doctors, surgeons and other health professionals how to perform cosmetic injections.

Excellent Service

Check out our 5-star customer feedback to see what our clients are saying about the clinic. Dr Sloan's patients and clients have followed her over her career and she looks after them beyond the walls of her clinics, following them up and giving aftercare and advice. ``I believe in giving everyone, across my NHS and private practice, the best service and care possible``

TV Medical Correspondent & Medical Journalist

Dr Sloan has her own GP health corner where she discusses the latest medical issues. She also writes about health and has her own column.

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What Our Clients Have to Say…

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“I am not a teenager anymore so why in earth do I still get outbreaks?”
I hear this time and time again. Post adolescent acne starts in those over 25.
It is widely considered that acne is a result multiple factors:
Excess oil production
Pores being blocked by substances and dead skin cells
All this provides a great medium for bacterial growth which can lead to spots and inflammation.
Other indirect factors can also contribute: hormones, genetics, make up, diet e.g. food intolerances or high sugar levels.
If you struggle with adult break outs visit our blog on our website by clicking on our bio.

We provide online consultations with our GPs who can advise you on how we can help you.
Message us or contact our clinic phone 07706251619

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💋 How do you inject lip fillers so they look good every time?
Every lip shape and symmetry differs between one person and another.
Shaping and adding volume to someone’s lips is an individualised approach, one style doesn’t suit everyone ........... 💋💋💋
Do you ever have to dissolve lip filler, is it safe?
Yes, and it’s essential that your Imjector knows when and how to use it safely! ........ 💋💋💋 Is it true that the more filler you inject the longer the results last?
People often believe that by injecting more volume, lip fillers will last longer. This is not the case, it’s about the thickness of the product....producing over filled lips is not the answer- you can achieve all the volume & longevity you need by selecting the correct type of filler!

Mental health awareness week

We are all sharing the worry of these uncertain times. As the government announced their tentative and vague plans it has left a great number of us in the dark about how we are to piece our lives back together and of course when.

We all felt safe at home, but now clients and patients are anxious about going back out into society, or their children starting back at school and what that might mean for them.

Some people are openly talking about feeling a lack of motivation, low and depressed. Others are trying to put a brave face on, but believe me we are all feeling It!
There is an old saying that is actually backed by evidence “a problem shared is a problem halved. “

Often all you need to do to feel better is to tell someone, “I’m not ok”

Countless times patients have come to me in my GP surgery and by the time they have stood up to leave say, “I feel better already just for being here talking to someone!” I always tell my patients, don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling low, try not to feel guilty if you are more short tempered than normal, instead try to make small adjustments, structure your day, take time out to feel calm.

Always make your bed so it’s ready for you to fall into at night.

Always take a walk and try to use this time to be in the moment, look at nature, the scenery around you, breathe. You will get a natural endorphin boost from the exercise!
Try to control your worry, you can’t control what is happening out there but you can get better control of your mind. Meditation and yoga helps!
Focus on calming your breathing, even if it’s while you brush your teeth, or are putting on makeup.

Switch off the news and listen to some songs. Listening to music helps to alter your brain chemicals!

Avoid alcohol, it makes your anxiety and mood worse and it can alter the effectiveness of antidepressants, if you take them.

Talk, breathe, walk, mediate, listen to music, let go of the tension, take control of your emotions- you can do this!

If you need me you know how to get hold of me!

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One hour of exercise....swimming at the local beach! We all went in today!! #springswim #beachwalk #beautifulbrighton #specialmoments #familytimes #calm #oceancalm #happykids #happymum #seaair #beautyspot #seaford #brighton #eastbourne ...

Today this little one and I did homework in our bikinis in a hot tub.
I learnt my 8 times table and she spent most of the time snorkelling #productive #homeschooling #hottub #hottubtime

The effects on skin of wearing masks all day.
When these pictures appeared on social media of doctors, nurses and support workers working during the pandemic, we as an organisation decided to try to help.
We invited all our clients who either worked on the frontline or who knew someone who was working on the frontline to contact the clinic. We were inundated with requests and now we are inundated with thank yous!
It feels good to play a small part in helping frontline staff.

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Are you feeling a few extra unwanted pounds? We have a weight loss solution that works and works fast. Developed for type 2 diabetics, this self injection pen found that people lost stones of weight effortlessly. The manufactures now have a licence for it use as a safe and effective weight loss medication.
Our clients report around a stone of weight loss in one month. Call 07706251619 or book a free online consultation to see if this could be safe and effective for you!
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These sunglasses are from Louise Sloan Opticians. As you may have guessed she is my sister! She has fabulous taste in frames and stocks the full range of Paul & Joe sunglasses. These retail for £200 but if you quote that you are in The Sloan Clinic tribe she will give you a fantastic discount and arrange delivery. #alwayslookcool #glamour #summeriscoming ...

Did you know that menopause symptoms can come on up to 14 years before menopause actually begins?

Dr Sloan in her GP capacity presenting on Menopause. #gptalks #dietandmenopause #exerciseandmenopause #hormones #mentalhealth
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Zo Skin Health.
This world-class science in skin health is available NOW to buy and we will deliver to your door, or post it to you.
If you are looking to rehydrate, have an SPF which will treat your skin whilst protecting it from UV light, or to solve a problem such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation or wrinkles...there is a solution for you.
Prescription products and high dose Tretinoin, retinol, and vitamin C all available under our GP supervision.
We won’t just sell you products we will follow you up and make sure you have the best skin you ever had!
Call 07706251619 or book a free online consultation
Our full product list and prices are on our website #aesthetics #skinhealth #zoskinhealth #thebestskincare #thebestservice #brighton #seaford #eastbourne #skincare

Im not sure how much contrast a working life can have but working in aesthetics is quite different to the remote work as a GP responder. This little man came up to me whilst I was treating an injured walker! From glamour to nature (and stepping in cow pat on the way back to the car) ...

The power of positive mindset.

The recent survey you all completed about how to manage anxiety during the lockdown was really insightful.
One of the comments from a respondent resonated with me “try to reframe the feeling that you are stuck at home, and think of it as you are SAFE at home”

Some other really good ways stay positive:
Don’t listen to the news all day, just once to keep updated.
Unfollow people who are posting things that make you feel anxious or negative
Be in the moment and focus on your breathing
Don’t put extra pressure on yourself, if you can’t get your children to study, tell yourself they will catch up
Don’t think you have to learn a language or a musical instrument, or undertaking an open university degree. Use the time to put energy into yourself
Eat well
Don’t drink alcohol it’s pointless, expensive and will affect your sleep
Talk to someone if you feel anxious or negative, they will probably feel the same and be able to help you.
Exercise exercise exercise, fresh air and sunlight
Use this time to reflect on how you could make positive changes to your when life gets back to normal. Don’t make any big changes based on this lockdown yet.
Tell yourself this is only temporary and life will get back to normal.

What positive changes will you be making?

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Why not get out of bed collect all your Barbie dolls, inflatables and any other bootie on the way out the house and get straight into the hot tub @7am?
Feeling sorry for our neighbours😳 ##schoolsout #adultshavetheahortendofthestick #sorryneighbours #skipbreakfast #whocaresaboutbreakfast

My new running buddy! Today this 8 year old ran up heart attack hill. I told her if she got to the top without stopping I would buy her some robux
#determination #runninggoals #motivation #likemotherlikedaughter

The Sloan Clinics would like to send out a free gift to NHS staff to say thank you. Gift comprises of one of ZO beautiful cleaners to strengthen and rejuvenate your skin.
Please fill in the contact form via the link on our bio and we will send out a free ZO health gift to you.
Whilst stocks last
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Beautiful walk everyday in lockdown on a much needed day off from GP work! ...

When you are isolated with 2 young children and a springer spaniel these walks really help! ...

Hi everyone, just a bit of advice...........get on top of your hay fever early this year.
Already we are seeing pollen counts rise and yesterday I took a lot of calls about hay fever symptoms.
Hay fever symptoms were making people worry more about Covid-19.
The antihistamine competes with pollen on the surface receptor, so starting antihistamine BEFORE the pollen binds will help control your symptoms of hay fever dramatically.
Take antihistamines early on in the season and take them regularly.

Forwarded Message: I’m asking those who have served their community as a member of the emergency services to join the challenge of posting a picture of yourself in uniform. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood Instagram with positive photos instead of negativity! ...

Stronger when we stand together!

The UK and the wider world are facing a huge crisis.

All i am hearing about at the moment is people getting in fights over supermarket supplies. This is absurd behaviour and
I am ashamed to hear these tales.
We need to be working together as a community, as a country. Britain has a history of being a strong Nation. Look how we stood together in dark times in the past, how we survived when we joined up our thinking and battled through together.
Please do something kind today.
The dos
1) Do isolate if you are feeling unwell with a cough or fever or shortness of breath
2) Do look after the vulnerable, help the elderly (from a distance). Just a phone call to see if they need your help will go a long way. They may just need a small favour such as picking up a prescription
3) only seek health advice if you really need it- go online first to NHS 111 Online #dosomething #bekind #standtogether #dontpanic #wearestrongertogether

Treating clients for excessive sweating.
We have seen a big hike in people requesting this treatment.
Did you know:
Underarm botulinum toxin works in one week and lasts up to 6 months!
It is incredibly safe and effective
Relatively painless
10 min procedure in experienced hands

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Celebrating IWD20 in true Sloan style- with axes, cake, Prosecco and most important of all....our tribe of WOMEN!!!
We raised £250 for women’s aid and we are proud!
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The Russian Lip.
Today at Derma Medical Dr Sloan demonstrated the Russian Lip Technique @derma_medical
This is the latest craze.

Is it right for everyone?
No. Sometimes Dr Sloan has to use Hyalse to get rid of any other lip filler, so she can work from a good starting point

Does she have to use a special type of filler?

No this is the amazing but readily available juvederm ultra 3.

Is it very painful?
It is uncomfortable but Dr Sloan uses prescription numbing cream

How long does the procedure take?

Dr Sloan is a very experienced injector so she averages 10 mins for a lip treatment. The consultation takes 20 mins.

Is there any downtime?

No. Some activities may be restricted for 24 hours.

Is it safe?
These none surgical procedures are considered low risk vs surgery

How much does Dr Sloan charge for Russian Lips?

How do I book?
Insta message us or call our clinic team 07706251619 or send us a WhatsApp!
Book online
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The Sloan Clinics would like to invite you to join them in celebrating women!
Sunday 8th March 2020

Where: The North Laines Brew House, Brighton

When: 1.45pm 8th March

Who will be there:
Local Comedian Emily Kennedy-Barnes ❤️
Speaker on women’s mental health -Magda Harbour 🌷
Urban Tribe Axe Throwing company 🪓

How do I buy my ticket?
Please send £20 via PayPal to
Or pay on the door

Can I bring anyone with me?
Yes! All women are welcome!

Can I find out more information?
Visit or call 07706251619 or message
Insta message us for further info!
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