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ZO Skin Health Solutions in Brighton

What is ZO® Skin Health?

This is a new scientifically proven skincare range as a result of 30 years of research into skincare by the world-famous Dr Obagi. This prescription-only skincare is coupled with a maintenance program to target a wide variety of skin conditions. It is a solution-focused line of skin treatments which is endorsed by Dermatologists throughout the UK.

Where Can I Buy ZO®

ZO® products can only be stocked by authorised skin professionals and prescribed by Dr Sloan who has been carefully vetted by the ZO® team and have fulfilled all the in house training by ZO®.

Dr Sloan says “We are the only doctor-led aesthetics clinic offering this wide range of medical-grade skin products in Brighton and Seaford.

As a GP it is always frustrating that I cannot offer my patients with skin problems any more than just steroids, antibiotics or emollients which have numerous side effects and short-lived effects.

With ZO Health, I can actually help treat underlying skin conditions with creams that have none of these side effects and using this science, give people the best skin they ever had.”

ZO Skin Health Products

What Can ZO® Skin Health be Used For?

Anti-Ageing Program

Turn back the clock and take away fine lines, skin damage and sun spots. Clears pores and oily skin. Helps hydrate your skin and rejuvenate the volume giving rise to firmer younger skin appearances. Give your skin a smooth baby soft texture. The ZO® Medical line repairs and renews, while the ZO® Skin Health line prevents new damage and maintains results.

Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most devastating chronic skin conditions affecting over 90% of the population. It is associated with low self-esteem and mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. People with acne often feel judged by others and feel that their lives are restricted by their condition as a result.

ZO skin range for acne is scientifically proven to work to rebalance the oil production in a person’s skin helping to treat and control acne and manage flares. This line of products can be used on teenagers as well as adults.


Hyper-pigmentation can be very unsightly in some cases and can be triggered at different checkpoints in life. Pregnancy, menopause, medication such as the pill are just some of the triggers. Normally pigmentation worsens as we age and can be very distressing for some people and can make our faces look aged.

ZO have lots of products to Treat moderate to severe hyperpigmentation with a selection of products that even fight melasma. Exfoliating polishes help to even skin’s tone, while daily leave-on treatments decrease dark spots and discoloration

We can offer milder products which can be bought over the counter, and medical grade products that will need prescribing.

ZO® Signature Peel

The ZO® Retinol Stimulation Peel is ideal for skin that has a rough texture, uneven tone, dullness and lines and wrinkles.

Ossential® Stimulator Peel, available at The Sloan Clinics, is part of the ZO Medical range. This product is based on a combination of salicylic, lactic and citric acid. This ‘lunchtime peel’ can exfoliate the skin efficiently, removing dead skin cells without the downtime associated with more aggressive peels. Results include improving fine lines and superficial blemishes for fresher, clearer-looking skin underneath.

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