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Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant that is injected into several landmarks on the face. It reduces the signs of ageing by softening the lines in the upper face and around the eyes. It can also be used to lift the eyebrows, shape and thin the jawline, and for the treatment of migraine and excessive sweating. It has been used for over 15 years and we routinely use it safely in medicine for managing complications of Multiple Sclerosis and in children with cerebral palsy. The effects wear off after around 3 months.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of a gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid, which we find naturally occurring in our body. It can volumise the lips, cheeks and add definition to the jawline. More recently it has been used as a non-surgical rhinoplasty where they can straighten noses and give a more desirable profile. Dermal fillers are safe and non-permanent. They are broken down naturally over 6-12 months by the body.


At The Sloan Clincs we believe in creating bespoke packages designed around you and your budget. Aimed at treating the whole face hollistically, these packages combine treatment areas that are usually best treated together in order to maximise the result seen. Whether you want to have a “beautification” or a Profile Balance, or a whole transformation e.g. feminisation or masculinisation Dr Sloan can work with your needs and anatomy to achieve your goals.

ZO Skin Health

A new scientifically proven skincare range as a result of 30 years of research into skincare by the world-famous Dr Obagi. This prescription-only skincare is coupled with a maintenance program to target a wide variety of skin conditions. It is a solution-focused line of skin treatments which is endorsed by Dermatologists throughout the UK.

First Aid and Medical Kits

The Sloan Clinics offer first aid and medical kits. These include kits to help manage minor injuries such as cuts,stings and burns. To more substantial medical kits with equipment to monitor temperature, pulse, blood pressure and to examine for upper respiratory infections.

IV Therapy

Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and wellbeing. The brain and central nervous system, our internal organ, bone, even our skin, hair and nails require good nutritional intake to remain healthy. This popular therapy works on the use of intravenous (a drip into your vein) therapy to help boost your energy levels, immune system, detox the body and rehydrate you.

PRP Therapy

Coined by Dr Daniel Sister “The Dracula Therapy” Platelet Rich Plasma uses technology to take blood from a patient, spin it down to is different components and then inject it back into the patient. PRP Therapy can be used to treat a number of areas such as dark circles under the eyes, hair loss, wrinkles and even scars and non-healing wounds.


The Sloan Clinics offer psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services with two very experienced Psychotherapists Christian Morton and Magda Harbour. They offer counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and have had huge success in helping patients control their anxiety, low mood and phobias. Working with many different techniques and strategies to support patients in weight loss, increasing patient’s self-esteem and general wellbeing.


A Dermapen is a skin microneedling device which, like the Dermaroller, uses many tiny micro punctures to create trauma to the skin to stimulate a healing response. Used to treat pigmentation, scars, stretch marks and fine lines Dermapen works by vibrating tiny needles into the skin, prompting it to go through the natural healing process.