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PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Brighton & Seaford

Coined by Dr Daniel Sister “The Dracula Therapy” Platelet Rich Plasma uses technology to take blood from a patient, spin it down to is different components and then inject it back into the patient.

Before the blood is reinjected into the patient, the unwanted parts are spun off by a machine called a centrifuge leaving behind Plasma. Plasma is made by the bone marrow and is rich in platelets (hence being called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP) but what scientists have come to understand is that it also contains Stem Cells and Growth Factors that once injected into a certain part of the body e.g. the face, can treat:

– Dark circles under the eyes
– Hollows under and around the eyes
– Hair loss
– Wrinkles
– Pores
– Acne Scars
– Scars
– Non-healing wounds

Price List

Platelet Rich Plasma
from £



A consultation with our team, discussion of what you are concerned about and looking for and then medical history and consent form completion.


The procedure lasts around 30 minutes. Topical local anaesthetic cream is applied. A sample of your blood is taken, separated and used during treatment.


There may be some mild swelling & slightly sore skin, however, there is no downtime following the procedure and most can return to normal activities the same day.


Results start to show after 3 days and up to 10 days with the full result usually seen 14 days after treatment. The results can be expected to last around 12 months.

“I have been going to Doctor Sloan for 6 years and I would never go anywhere else. Thank you Emma for your perseverance and hard work to keep me looking young (ish)!”


Platelet Rich Plasma FAQ's

Where do you offer PRP Therapy?

Our PRP therapy treatments are available in our Brighton and Seaford clinics.


Brighton Clinic:

36 Duke Street,


Seaford Clinic:

12 Bainbridge Close,
East Sussex,
BN25 1TL

Is PRP safe and can I be allergic to it?

Platelet rich plasma is taken from your body, so you can’t be allergic to it! It is safe and effective.

Who will perform the treatment?

We believe strongly that injectable treatments should only be carried out by qualified and experienced practitioners. This is why our treatments are carried out by Dr Emma Sloan. She has seen countless patients over the years and carried out all types of skincare treatments, including PRP therapy.

What is "The Vampire Facelift"?

The US version of this treatment is called the “The Vampire Facelift”.

This is where dermal fillers are mixed with the plasma from your own body and can help restore shape and volume and at the same time, regenerate bone, fat pads, and collagen in the layers of the skin.

How is the plasma taken from my body?

A blood sample is taken from your arm. The blood is then spun down into its separate components using a centrifuge. This leaves the platelet rich plasma ready to be injected back into the treatment areas.

Is there any recovery time needed?

Most people require no downtime after treatment. The skin may appear flushed and slightly pink, and your face will feel slightly sore. There may be some mild swelling, especially in delicate areas such as under the eyes. This subsides quickly and results start to show after 3 days.

How do I book an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment for your PRP therapy in Brighton and Seaford is using our online booking calendar on our website. We ask for a £50 deposit to secure your booking. The balance will be payable on the day.

If you have any questions or need assistance booking your appointment you can contact our clinic bookings team.

Phone: 0770 625 1619