Mental Health Awareness Week

We are all sharing the worry of these uncertain times. As the government announced their tentative and vague plans it has left a great number of us in the dark about how we are to piece our lives back together and of course when.

We all felt safe at home, but now clients and patients are anxious about going back out into society, or their children starting back at school and what that might mean for them.

Some people are openly talking about feeling a lack of motivation, low and depressed. Others are trying to put a brave face on, but believe me, we are all feeling It!

There is an old saying that is actually backed by evidence “a problem shared is a problem halved. “

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Often all you need to do to feel better is to tell someone, “I’m not ok”

Countless times patients have come to me in my GP surgery and by the time they have stood up to leave say, “I feel better already just for being here talking to someone!” I always tell my patients, don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling low, try not to feel guilty if you are more short-tempered than normal, instead try to make small adjustments, structure your day, take time out to feel calm.

Always make your bed so it’s ready for you to fall into at night.

Always take a walk and try to use this time to be in the moment, look at nature, the scenery around you, breathe. You will get a natural endorphin boost from the exercise!

Try to control your worry, you can’t control what is happening out there but you can get better control of your mind. Meditation and yoga helps!

Focus on calming your breathing, even if it’s while you brush your teeth, or are putting on makeup.

Switch off the news and listen to some songs. Listening to music helps to alter your brain chemicals!

Avoid alcohol, it makes your anxiety and mood worse and it can alter the effectiveness of antidepressants if you take them.

Talk, breathe, walk, meditate, listen to music, let go of the tension, take control of your emotions- you can do this!

If you need me you know how to get hold of me!