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Bespoke Treatment Packages to Lift & Transform

The Sloan Clinics offer a range of bespoke packages to help you achieve your perfect look. The package prices listed are based on a specific set of treatments. Prices may vary on the day and all patients are subject to an initial assessment before any treatment is carried out.

We believe in creating bespoke packages designed around you and your budget. During your initial assessment, Dr Sloan will look at your facial proportions, symmetry and balance and with your input help design the package that helps achieve the best version of you!

Whether you want to have a “beautification” or a Profile Balance, or a whole transformation e.g. feminisation or masculinisation Dr Sloan can work with your needs and anatomy to achieve your goals.

Price List

Sloan Contour Package
from £


Cheek Filler/Chin Sculpting/Jawline (Botox to slim or filler to contour)

Sloan Smile Package


Lip Filler (1 ml & perioral Botox)

Sloan Jawline Package


Chin Sculpting & Jawline Botox/Filler

Sloan Profile Balance


Nose & Chin Filler

Sloan Eye Lift


Tear Trough Filler/Crows Feet & Brow Lift

Sloan Beautification Package


1ml Lip Filler, 2ml Cheek Filler, 2 Areas Botox, Brow Lift

Sloan Maculinisation Package


Jawline & Cheek Contouring, Chin Sculpting & Brotox

“Dr Sloan has carried out many procedures on me, all of which I have been very happy with. Highly recommended!”

Lisa Williams