A Guide to SPF and Blue Light Emissions

It’s not just the sun that can damage your skin! High energy visible light (HEV), more commonly known as Blue Light is emitted from your screens – your laptop, desktop computer, mobile phone, IPAD and other smart devices.

How much blue light am I exposed to?

Most modern smartphones will give you information about how much screen time you have, but it is important to also factor in what you receive from your other screens and devices.

Millennials have been shown in studies to check their phones on average 150 times per day. Whereas most people, the 2019 report found, spend on average 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones.

What can I do to reduce blue light (HEV emissions)?

Three pieces of advice from Dr Sloan on how to reduce your exposure to blue light:

1)”Triple action sunscreen should be used daily to protect against HEV, UV-A and UV-B light.” Find out more

2)”Topical antioxidants are an absolute must” Find out more

3)”Switch your phone to night-mode to reduce your blue light emission and buy blue light shields for all your screens and devices.”

What are the possible consequences to my health?

Blue light has been shown in studies to penetrate your skin more deeply than UV-A and UV-B light from the sun. It interrupts the normal cell turnover in the skin and can lead to free radical damage leading to:

– Formation of fine lines/wrinkles
– Skin pigmentation
– Poor Sleep

“Studies indicate that Blue Light (HEV) may also be more active in inducing pigmentation compared to UV light.”

A recent survey of all our clients has revealed that the main reasons why clients don’t like wearing SPF:

– 30 clients reported SPF can irritate their skin.
– 17 stated that SPF makes their skin look shiny.
– 24 clients said that they can’t find an SPF that is compatible with their makeup.
– 13 clients said they either didn’t wear SPF because they didn’t think they needed to e.g. just wore hats or sat in the shade.

The Sloan Clinics is a ZO Skin Health Supplier and all our staff have been trained in Harley Street on the products.

We do a deep dive into the different SPF sunscreen from ZO Skin Health.

ALL our SPF Sunscreens are TRIPPLE ACTION! This means they protect the skin against Blue Light / HEV, UV-A &UV-B light rays and IR-A rays. The products are engineered using scientifically proven delivery systems and ingredients ZOX12 TM which shield your skin against IR-A rays too. The unique mastery means that the skin is protected against free radical damage and therefore prevents future signs of premature ageing.

Depending on what your goals are with sunscreen, we can find a product that matches your requirement.

ZO Skin Health Sun Screen and Primer SPF 30

Sunscreen + Primer

If you want a sunscreen which doubles as a primer then the Sunscreen + primer is ideal for you. It lasts up to 12 hours and can be applied under make-up. Our clients feel that it works just as well as any primer that they have used before, and goes on really smoothly, making applying foundation easy.

ZO Skin Health Smart Tone SPF 50

Smart Tone SPF

The Smart Tone SPF is great if you want a little more coverage, an even skin tone and to have a bronze glow to your skin. The more you rub it into your skin the darker it goes! So over the summer as your skin becomes more tanned, all you have to do is rub it in more, achieving the exact tone to blend in with the rest of your skin!


Sunscreen + Powder

The Sunscreen + Powder is an SPF that is applied over the top of all your make up. It gives a matt finish and can be re-applied as many times as necessary.

ZO Skin Health Oclipse Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Daily Sheer Broad Spectrum

The Daily Sheer and broad-spectrum range is water-resistant and antiperspirant. Its really is great for the beach and for those of you that are exercising a lot.

What should I do if I am interested in trying some of these products?

Dr Sloan and her team of skin experts are happy to advise you on which products will most help support your skincare needs and fit with your make-up range.

You can book an online consultation via the following link. Currently, we are posting out products or delivering them free of charge!

The products can be delivered the next day if you order before 3 pm the day before.

To book online:

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