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About Dr Emma Sloan

Dr Emma Sloan graduated in Medicine from the Brighton and Sussex School of Medicine in 2009 and went on to train as a GP becoming a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr Sloan has been working for 7 years as an aesthetics doctor and is skilled in advanced procedures using botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. She is also a trainer for a leading international aesthetics training academy Derma Medical where she trains both UK based and international doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in the field of aesthetics.

Working as a GP at a surgery in Eastbourne for two days of the week. She has a specialist interest in Urgent Care and works alongside Emergency Departments and Paramedics delivering emergency care to patients in the community. She is currently working towards a Masters in leadership, wellbeing and urgent care.

She prides herself on the bespoke treatment packages she offers, paying attention to detail, understanding the client’s goals and making sure that it is achievable and safe. Her specialist interest within aesthetics is anti-ageing, looking holistically at the client, not forgetting the areas of the body that give away a person’s true age!

Dr Sloan also now works as a medical correspondent for The Latest TV in Brighton doing a weekly medical health corner.

Dr Emma Sloan
Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Emma Sloan Trainer

Emma works alongside a team of specialists at the acclaimed Derma Medical training academy to bring through the new wave of highly professional aesthetic practitioners.

Derma Medical is a worldwide training centre of excellence in Aesthetic Medicine offering Botox & Dermal Fillers training courses. They are the UK’s number 1 cosmetic training provider and are committed to the highest standards of nonsurgical cosmetic injectable training in-line with the latest government guidelines. Derma Medical training academy is distinguished from other training providers by not just running a training course but providing our delegates with a qualification in Aesthetic Medicine.

Aesthetic Trainer

Dr Emma Sloan Medical Correspondent

Dr Sloan is a medical correspondent for latest TV Brighton.

She meets with Mark Walker to discuss a different health issue every week. This is broadcasted in the Brighton area.

The latest topics Dr Sloan has been discussing are:

– Bringing Harley Street to Brighton
Dr Sloan introduces her new clinic in Duke Street Brighton.

Lip Fillers and Complications
Dr Sloan talks about the rising number of untrained injectors and the resulting increase in lip filler complications.

– Obesity

Dr Sloan talks about the incidence of Obesity. She discusses some of the global health effects of obesity

– Weight Loss

Apps and support groups available to help people loose weight.

– STI’s

Dr Sloan talks about STIs. The incidence, the symptoms, how to seek help and how to self care.

Skin Cancer

How to recognise skin cancer and what to do if you think you have signs of skin cancer.

– Mental Health

Dr Sloan talks about low mood, depression and anxiety and what to do if you think you may have a mental health condition.

Find Dr Emma’s latest health corner segment on Latest TV here.

Medical Correspondent

Quality & Safety

The cornerstone of The Sloan Clinics is safety and loyalty. We have clients that have been with us for half a decade and would never go elsewhere. We are committed to the highest standard in training and care, healthcare practice, morals and ethics. One of the most rewarding parts of the work is seeing clients coming back to us with improved self-confidence, and the fact that 100% of our clients have to date, come for client referral says it all.

Derma Medical – Dr. Emma Sloan is an authorised trainer with the UK’s number one cosmetic training provider Derma Medical and committed to the highest standards of nonsurgical cosmetic injectable training procedures in-line with the latest government guidelines.

Dr Emma Sloan consulting a patient before her treatment