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Brighton Clinic
1 Area£175
2 Areas£250
3 Areas£300
3 Areas + bunny lines or brow lift£350
Brighton Clinic
Jawline Slimming£350
Neck Lift£350
Brighton Clinic
Excessive Sweating£400
Teeth Grinding ( Bruxism/TMJ Dysfunction)£350
Brighton Clinic
Sloan Cheeks£350 per ml
Tear Trough Rejuvenation
Under Eyes / Dark Circles
Marionette Lines
(Corner of the Mouth Lines)
£350 per ml
Nose Shaping£400
Chin & Profile Shaping£350 per ml
Nasolabial Lines£350 per ml
Hand Filler£450
Brighton Clinic
Shape & Contour
1.1ml lip filler (revolax deep) or 0.55 Juvederm
Soft Effect & Rejuvenation
1ml (Juvederm 3)
Big Kiss Lips
1.2ml (for lip transformation)
Dissolving Lip Filler£200
Sloan Smile Package
(1ml lip filler & perioral treatment)
Peri-Oral Rejuvenation
(1ml lips, 1ml Nasolabial & 1ml Marionette)
Sloan Jawline Package
(chin sculpting & jawline filler / slimming)
Sloan Profile Balance
(nose & chin filler)
Sloan Eye Lift
(tear trough filler / crow’s feet & brow lift)
Sloan Beautification Package
(1ml lip filler, 2ml cheek filler, 2 areas anti-wrinkle, brow lift
Sloan Masculinisation Package
(jawline & cheek contouring, chin sculpting & anti-wrinkle

Other Treatments

PRP & Microneedling
(The Dracula Therapy)
from £600
B12 Energy Booster Shots
1 Shot£40
Course of 3 Shot£100
Course of 6£200
B12 Super-energy Booster Shots
(5mg methycobalmin IM)
1 Shot£80
Course of 3£200
Course of 6£400
Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin C Shot
1 Shot£80
Course of 3£200
Course of 6£400
Glutathione Antioxidant Booster Shot
(1200mg IV)
1 Shot£80
Course of 3£200
Course of 6£400
Double Glutathione Super-Antioxidant Booster Shot
(2400mg IV)
1 Shot£150
Course of 3£375
Course of 6£750
Vitamin D Shot
1 Shot£150
1 Session6 Sessions
High Dose Vitamin C Infusion£250£1200
Modified Myers Welness Infusion£250£1200
Antioxidant Booster Drip£250£1200
Skin Brightening IV Drip£250£1200
1 Session6 Sessions
Energy Booster IV Drip£300£1440
Immunity Booster IV Drip£300£1440
Diet & Detox Fat Burning IV Drip£300£1440
Mood Support IV Drip£300£1440
1 Session6 Sessions
For Anxiety£100£500
Low Mood£100£500
Councelling & Coaching£100£500
Self Esteem£100£500
Weight Loss£100£500
Smoking Cessation£100£500

Beauty Treatments

Full Face & Neck£90
(per hand size area)

Juliette Armand – Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel£60
Chemical Peel
(with The Dermapen)
Chemical Peel
(with Dermaplaning)

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy£20
LED Light Therapy
(with The Dermapen)
LED Light Therapy
(with Dermaplaning)




Dermapen, Chemical Peel
& LED Light Therapy
Dermaplaning & Chemical Peel£130